Friday, November 5, 2010

VIDEO: Top Gear UK has finally bred a New Stig

Top Gear UK can be considered an aristocrat among motoring shows. And, being the true blue-blooded Brits that they are, the cast spends time doing things that befit this privileged status. Real nobles have interesting hobbies like breeding horses. Top Gear UK takes this to a whole new level: it actually breeds its staff... Watch the videos after the break to see how Jeremy Clarkson and the new Stig came to be.

It all started a few years back on Clarkson Island. There – according to an episode of the British sketch comedy show, Harry & Paul–, Jeremy Clarkson himself was "farmed". Take a look.


Now, with all the Ben Collins drama unfolding, the show needed to either kill off or replace The Stig. Fortunately, producers chose the latter, but this way they had to divulge another "top secret" facility – the Stig-breeding farm. Scroll down to watch how this intricate process works, putting to shame similar secret agent-breeding CIA / KGB operations...

By Csaba Daradics