Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mini-me Volkswagen Gol for Little People [with Video]

Being a little person in a big world is daily challenge for some of our fellow citizens. And even though technological advancements have it made it possible for little people to drive any car available today, Volkswagen's Brazilian division has taken one step further with the creation of a prototype, miniaturized version of its local market Gol hatchback.

The little people's car is called the Mini-Gol and it has been scaled down by approximately 30 percent over the standard car. It measures around 2.25 meters (88.5") in length and can accommodate drivers and passengers under 5ft tall (1.53 meters).

As you can see in the video clip after the jump, it is an exact replica of the original model with power coming from 5.5-horsepower engine that offers the car a top speed of 27km/h (17mph). According to the reports, VW Brazil has built only two examples of the Mini-Gol, with one being used at various events and shows, and the other finding a home at Parque de Ocio in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Source: es.Autoblog , Taringa & Youtube