Wednesday, November 24, 2010

VIDEO: Driver Tries and Fails Spectacularly to Park

For years the debate has raged over unintended acceleration. Is it the result of a design defect or is it simply driver error? Well, this video put forward for the case of the latter as one driver's attempt to park goes horribly, hilariously wrong. Watch the white car entering from the top right at approximately 6 seconds in. Everything seems normal up until 23 seconds, when suddenly...

You might have to watch it again to get the full effect. With the steering wheel still hard over, the driver realizes he or she has gone too far. Rather than hitting the brake, he or she hits the accelerator instead and the car surges forward, demolishing a door and slamming into the side of another parked car.

It's one of those things that has to be watched over and over again (I know I did). Feel free to leave your jibes, chides and other remarks in the comments below

By Tristan Hankins

Via: Gawker