Saturday, November 6, 2010

VIDEO: Bugatti Veyron Driver Backs Into Toyota

Yes, we know: this video is almost three months old, which for the Point-and-Click Generation is practically ancient history. We're like your Grandpa, buying you a NWA CD and being all like, "Your Mom says these guys are 'hip'!"

Now to the video. Back around August, a man in the U.S. took a Bugatti Veyron for a test drive and as he was backing out, he bumped into what appears to be a Toyota Corolla (correct us if we are wrong).

Well, we're not 100% sure of all that, but since a) that's when this video was uploaded, b) when was the last time you heard a woman talk about the Veyron outside of Fifth Gear and c) there's a Ford Crown Victoria in the background, we're at least 70% certain (and, uh, 100% sexist). *Ahem*

According to the comments, he also scrapes the Bugatti's chin on the curb as he reverses out and scrapes it again as he drives back in. Riveting, I know. Honestly, this isn't even half as impressive as that video of Bumblebee colliding with that police car we showed you a couple of weeks back. I suppose what makes it of interest to us here (and you out there) is that this is one of the world's fastest, most expensive cars.

Just think about that for a moment. It'll probably cost upwards of US$10,000 to sand down and repaint the Bugatti. We're talking Nissan Versa money, not chump change. And yeah, me too: I'd rather have a damaged piece of Veyron front bumper than a perfectly intact, drivable Versa.

To each his own, I suppose.

By Tristan Hankins