Tuesday, November 16, 2010

These Colors Don't Run: Florida Dealership Offering AK-47 with Truck Purchase

In freedom-based news, pre-owned truck dealer Nations Trucks - which sells "trucks, not gimmicks" - has become the latest consumer outlet to offer a gun with a purchase (is Michael Moore seeing this?). In this case, the dealership is offering certain qualified customers a fresh AK-47 with the purchase of a new truck. Actually, it's a $400 voucher that can be used for any form of anti-invasion insurance.

In order to not appear too gimmicky, Nations Trucks has gone ahead and posted an excerpt from the Second Amendment on their site to prove that what they're doing isn't about national attention...it's about freedom. There's at least one veteran, however, who sees this gun show as maybe a little gimmicky.

Phillip Adams thinks the free gun isn't so smart, and that free flag would make a much better gift. He says, "An AK-47 is a very dangerous weapon...[A flag] would be a lot more supportive for our country and our veterans." Sure, but a flag just wouldn't get the same sort of all-important press coverage from Robyn Meade.

Of course, all this gun'n'truck buying depends on what the dealer says makes you qualified. If anyone down Florida way wants to stop in at the dealership (it's in Sanford), let us know what hoops you have to jump through other than a background check. Hopefully that's not all, because anyone can beat those.

By Phil Alex

Link: Nationstrucks , Via: Cbsnews

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