Monday, November 15, 2010

H&R puts a little backbone into the New 2011 VW Jetta VI

Suspension aficionados H&R have gotten their hands on the new Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 and decided to give it a once-over with some low-key modifications. After the Jetta arrived at H&R's US headquarters, the first pieces to get the ax were the springs (obviously).

Now, the brand new Jetta VI rides 1.3 inches lower thanks to a set of Sport springs in order to help the small sedan handle a bit better. The next items to go were the rims, which were replaced with 19x8.5 O.Z. Superturismo LM wheels (and TRAK + wheel spacers) to complement the car's handling and appearance.

While the 19's are about a size too large for a factory option, methinks a set of 18s in the same style would make for an interesting factory option. Behind the 19s are 14.4-inch cross-drilled Brembo rotors with 4-piston Monobloc grabbers that round out a nice street performance package. There's also a Vibrant Performance exhaust system as an auditory bonus.

The rest of the appearance add-ons - other than the vinyl - are sourced straight from VW and include a lower body kit and spoiler. Unlike many SEMA cars, H&R seems to have delivered a nice-looking, streetable package that should give the latest Jetta an extra injection of fun without killing your warranty or your wallet.

By Phil Alex

Source: H&R