Thursday, November 11, 2010

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 gets a Special TracKey that Unleashes the Muscle Car's Full Potential

Good news for buyers of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 as Ford announced today that it will provide two sets of keys for the muscle car. And why is this newsworthy, we hear you ask? Because the second optional set, called TracKey, promises to unleash the full performance of the Mustang Boss 302. You see, the TracKey communicates with an additional powertrain control module (PCM) turning the special edition 'Stang into a competition-ready track car.

Once the Boss 302 is started with TracKey, the PCM software adjusts more than 200 engine parameters, among which variable cam timing, spark maps, engine braking and fuel control, providing complete race car calibration.

"From an engine management standpoint, we've done just about everything possible to give TracKey users a full race car experience", explains Jeff Seaman, Mustang powertrain engineer. "It's not for use on the street – for example, the deceleration is set up to preserve the brakes, and the throttle response is very aggressive. A skilled driver on a closed course will really appreciate the benefits".

As part of the same package, Ford engineers also developed a two-stage launch control system, similar to the one used on the Cobra Jet race car. Drivers simply set a desired launch rpm (using buttons on the steering wheel), floor the gas pedal and release the clutch. The electronics will take care of the rest, aiding racing fans and quarter-mile addicts to get the most out of a standing start.

When the track day (or hooning) comes to an end, owners need to restart the engine with the standard key and the Boss 302 will be once again as "normal" as a 444-horsepower special edition Mustang can be.

The Trackey powertrain software installation and key programming will be available for installation through Ford Racing authorized dealers, with pricing to be announced at a later date.

In other relevant news, the Blue Oval company announced today that it is offering every Boss 302 owner a complimentary track day, as part of the Boss Track Attack program, held at the Miller Motorsport Park in Tooele, UT. At the track, customers will be able drive the car to the limit and hone their driving skills.

By Csaba Daradics